Mechanisms of autophagy regulation by adiponectin | Rong | Aging Pathobiology and Therapeutics

Mechanisms of autophagy regulation by adiponectin

Chan Rong, Xin Xu


Adiponectin is a multifunctional adipocytokine produced predominantly by adipocytes, with potent anti-inflammatory, insulin-sensitizing, and cytoprotective properties. Autophagy is a lysosome-dependent self-degradative process that mediates the degradation of damaged organelles, invading pathogens and protein aggregates, thus maintaining cellular homeostasis. Adiponectin performs different biological functions by regulating autophagy. This review attempts to elucidate the biological responses and potential mechanisms underlying adiponectin-induced autophagy, with an aim to guide the identification of new therapeutic targets of related diseases.

Keywords: Adiponectin, adiponectin receptors, autophagy

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