Geropathology. An inside view of biological aging | Ladiges | Aging Pathobiology and Therapeutics

Geropathology. An inside view of biological aging

Warren Ladiges


The geropathology concept assumes all age-related lesions are relevant, which allows the ability to grade each lesion in an organ with a severity score resulting in a quantitative value. Because aging pet cats have similar age-related diseases as older humans, knowledge of histopathology occurring during aging would be invaluable to determine how age-related lesions progress with increasing age and the connection with comorbidities. The ability to use the severity of specific organ geropathology to predict biological aging would provide new approaches to study pathways of aging and their role in the development of age-related diseases in animal models.

Keywords: Geropathology, age-related lesions, standard lesion curve, age-related diseases, pathways of aging, Alzheimer’s disease, domestic cats

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