Time for an Alzheimer’s disease cocktail | Ladiges | Aging Pathobiology and Therapeutics

Time for an Alzheimer’s disease cocktail

Warren Carl Ladiges


Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with drugs that target single mechanisms has not been successful.  Therefore, new approaches must be considered. Since late onset AD is an age-related disease it shares many of the same mechanistic processes of growing old and should benefit from a multidrug targeting approach designed to enhance healthy aging. Aging intervention drugs are available to combine as cocktails for expanding the coverage from just one to multiple aging pathways. This geroscience concept is set to replace the narrow-focused neuroscience approach of trying to identify a single magic bullet target that has seen only failure. Scientific review groups and funding agencies must recognize the opportunity to fund preclinical and clinical research before Alzheimer’s disease patients can benefit from a multitargeted anti-aging approach that is currently underappreciated both clinically and scientifically.    

Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease, aging, aging processes, drug cocktails, Alzheimer’s disease intervention

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